[H]ikari Production

[H]ikari Production is a structure conceived and created by Gaëlle Seguin during the year 2012, [H]ikari produces, distributes, manages and develops Arts and Cultural projects.
Born from our will to serve the beauty of art -dance in particular- and consciously intent on putting an end to certain mainstream ideas that consider that art´s demands can only be satisfied through elitism, our structure endeavours to deploy the Artistic Project in all its forms and for all audiences.
We are in charge of the European tours of Shantala Shivalingappa Dance Company, Système Castafiore, and the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, based in Salt Lake City, USA. This company is internationally known as the repository of all works by American choreographer Alwin Nikolais, a great visionary and founding father of contemporary dance.Since 2017 we are also working with butoh’s company Sankai Juku in Europe and very recently with Hiroaki Umeda, choreographer and a multidisciplinary artist now recognized as one of the leading figures of the Japanese avant-garde art scene.

[H]ikari is based in Nantes.